Access Controls

Electronic Access Controls

If your hotel uses Access control for common area doors, then you need to visit this page. We hope to show the common setups of the different manufacturers to help you in determining what parts you may need to buy to repair your access door or install a new one.

Access control systems’ place in the security setup is right at the front lines.¬†They fulfill a dual role in addition to keeping unauthorized people out of, they have to let authorized users through.

By installing a card access or access control system in your building it allows you to restrict the access of employees, staff and other visitors to the building as well as secure areas within the building.

Whether it is a keypad, card or biometric reader an access control system is an effective means of securing your building from potential threats.

We install and support any keyless entry systems including but not limited to electrical strikes, electrical panic bars, electrical magnets, and motion sensors.

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